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 Main Hall Rental Pricing for 2022

 General Public Use (Private Citizen and Corporate Rentals)




 Main Hall Rate              (NO BYOB)



  $50 per hr

 Auxiliary Room Rate    (NO BYOB) 




 Non-Profit Organizations Main Hall Rate  (status must be verified) 



  $50 per hr

 Cleaning Fee for Main Hall                (Non Refundable) 

 Cleaning fee for Auxiliary Room       (Non Refundable)


 PA System Rental

 5 day "Lead Time" for audio visual presentations 

 Large Tent Rental




 $30 per/hr

 $150 per day

 5 days

$1200/ weekend


 VFW/ Auxiliary/ American Legion Pricing




 Bronze 30%: VFW/ AUX/ American Legion



  $50 per hr

 Silver 40%: VFW/ AUX Life Member of Post 2427



  $50 per hr

 Gold 50%: VFW Legacy/Life Member of Post 2427



  $50 per hr





 Kitchen Rental/ Catering Prices  (negotiated at Rental)




*All Beer/Wine must come from VFW Post 2427 distributors and ordered by Post Cantina Manager/ NO BYOB (Beer/Wine/ or Liquor)

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Ideas that have been used for past events at our post.