Opening Prayer
Chaplain: Let us bow our heads. O, Sovereign Ruler of the Universe who art the Lord of Host
and God of Peace, without Thee our efforts are in vain. Continue Thy blessings upon us and
our families, we pray Thee, and guide us during our deliberations.
We beseech Thee, O God, to bless the dependents of our departed comrades, and to comfort
all who gave their loved ones to our nation’s cause. Bless and strengthen the sick,
the needy and the afflicted.
Bless, we ask Thee, the widows and children in our National Home and help us fulfill our duty
toward them. Continue Thy favor upon our order, and help us to practice the spirit of true
comradeship, both in our councils and with the world at large.
Enable us to better the community in which we live through our devotion to duty as citizens.
We now have a moment of silent prayer for our departed comrades and for those missing in
action and those held prisoners of war.
(Short pause)
These and all other necessary blessings we ask Thee, Mighty Ruler of the Universe. Amen.

National Home Prayer
Chaplain: Almighty God, we ask for Your Devine blessing on the children, families and staff
of our National Home for Children, in Eaton Rapids, Michigan.
May Your Spirit dwell with them for, ever, giving them health and guiding their lives. Help us
to always be faithful to our fallen comrades by providing (shelter and guidance) support for
their families. We ask in Your Holy Name. Amen

Closing Prayer
Chaplain: Almighty God, the hour has come when we must part.
We commit ourselves to Thy care. Thou, Who art our strong tower of defense and our
protection, grant that in life’s battles we may be strong and brave, living such lives of
stainless integrity as shall reflect honor upon our country and the Veterans of Foreign Wars of
the United States, and glorify Thy great and Holy Name.
May thy good providence shield us from all harm, watch over those who even now guard the
gates of freedom, and bring us together again in true comradeship and peace. Amen